Rising Sun Necklace


Rising Sun

A beautiful upcycled necklace containing seven gemstones. All KOHDU accessories are designed with heart and made with thought for the environment. Handcrafted by the talented artist Kati Sokol. 

Product Details

  • Antique upcycled pendant 
  • Agates and carnelian gemstones
  • Hemp cord
  • One of the kind

Full Description

This necklace’s main elements are made from an antique Afghan pendant brought to Europe at the beginning of the last century and contains seven carefully selected gemstones. According to legends from the far east, the number seven brings luck. The ancient look of the metal results from many years of oxidation and the artist deliberately left it untouched so as to keep the touch of time. 

As there are no identical sunsets and sunrises, there are no two identical agates and carnelians in nature. This gives this piece a natural uniqueness. The artist Kati Sokol says that each of the seven gemstones carries certain semantic and magic perks. These stones and colors, specific pattern affects all the Chakras and gives anyone who wears this necklace protection from negative energies. 

This necklace will not only be helpful to you, but it can also become a relic of your family to be passed down from generation to generation. 


Handcraft artist Kati Sokol from Varna, Bulgaria. Sustainably and ethically made.